Big Pharma Profits from Workplace Bullying

How about the latest study done on the use of anti-depressants by victims of workplace bullying? An interesting read but, duh, a no brainer. Come on, how does a person who happens to be the bully’s moving target, get through the day or manages to get any sleep at night? That’s right; in order to get through the day and as many nights, victims may indeed need help in the form of anti-depressants or tranquilizers.  So yes, indirectly the workplace bully supports the Big Pharma juggernaut.   Image

We are supposedly moving toward healthier lifestyles, at least that is my hope as more information is disseminated about better food choices, the importance of exercise and getting adequate rest. But for those who live with the day to day stress of victimization, any possibility of healthy living is smashed to pieces as the adrenalin kicks in and the stress amps all the way up at any point in the workday.  Exercise and meditation to deal with stress are mere band aids, because when the office bully moves into full demoralization mode, it is not long before the stress-relieving strategies dissolve and the victims are left trying to just make it through the day.


If you happen to be a victim of bullying where you work and are struggling to hold it together, then you may indeed have to get some medical assistance for your situation.  Do seek out a competent healthcare professional to explore options to help you cope.  But whether or not you chose that route, the real work starts when you begin to explore real solutions to your plight. Should you stay at your job or look for other employment, have your legal rights been violated, does your human resources department present a reasonable solution to your predicament?

Yes, of course there are those other tools we can use to help combat the work-related stress as mentioned; exercise, relaxation and even diet. But these are more beneficial when you also start mapping out and implementing your action plan. You can see a light at the end of the tunnel to work toward.  By taking these steps, you can also be secure in your knowledge that you won’t be feeding Big Pharma for long since your need for medication to cope with the stress will be short lived. Just be sure that you are working with a reputable healthcare professional who supports your goal of using medication as a short term aid to your job-related stress.

To see the study on prescription medication use related to workplace bullying, go to

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